Lars Rylander

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Partners Lars Rylander

Lars Rylander (M.A) has more than 25 years of experience as officer and consultant in international development issues. He has been consultant in development management since 1982 and founded SPM Consultants in 1987. He has combined assignments in methods and strategy development with actual field assignments both as manager and in short term assignments such as formulations, reviews and evaluations. In the former position he has served as lead consultant to Sida in project cycle management manuals – from programme and project formulation to evaluation – including training and capacity building in LFA methodology. He also frequently assumes assignment as moderator in strategic planning workshops (LFA, RBM).

He has been team-leader and team member in a number of evaluation assignments for Sida and other development agencies (Danida, ILO, World Bank etc). Most of these have been multi- and cross-sector evaluations, where various professional disciplines have been assessed from a development and poverty alleviation perspective. The last couple of years, Mr Rylander has served as facilitator for design of regional development programmes and as monitoring consultant in media development programmes in South East Asia. Moreover, he has increasingly been engaged in trade related aid assignments.