Martin Schmidt

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Partners Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt (Master of Social Science) is managing partner of SPM since 2007. He has worked with development co-operation since 1995, first with Sida and since 1996 with SPM. He has experience as leader of programme and country evaluations including fieldwork in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Key areas of focus are programme based approaches (PBA: General budget support, sector programme support), results-based management (RBM), institutional development (public administration and governance), support of democracy and human rights and economic development. He has an academic degree (masters) in international relations and economics.

Since the late 1990s Martin has worked with results-based management, particularly in relation to programme based approaches and country/programme evaluations. He has been advisor to Sidas Policy and Methods-, Education- and Agriculture departments, as well as the Swedish Embassies in Dhaka, Maputo and Managua, on PBA/RBM, and penned a series of field and desk studies on more than 40 sector programmes.