Poverty Reduction

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Reference Projects Poverty Reduction

Since 2007 (and until mid 2009) SPM staff leads a team of six (6) to monitor and evaluate performance of Swedish support to the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in Vietnam aiming at strengthening integrated environmental and land management. Performance related to goals and objectives as set out in the Programme Document is analysed and monitored from a rights-based perspective with emphasis on improved efficiency and services delivery. Mid-term Evaluation Report: Strengthening Environmental Management and Land Administration. Mid-term Evaluation.

In 2007 SPM staff participated as Team Leader for a team of two (2) in an evaluation of Olof Palme International Centre’s support to Civil Society in Iraq. The main objective of the Iraq programme is to contribute to the long-term development of a democratic Iraq through strengthening Iraqi civil society. Thematic areas are democratisation, human rights, gender equity, conflict and dialogue, and organisational strengthening. The evaluation applied rights-based perspectives to establish and analyse outcomes within a results-based framework and taking into account the pending and changing security and conflict aspects in Iraq. Report: Andersen and Vikström: Evaluation of the Olof Palme International Centre’s support to Civil Society Organisations in Iraq.

In 2006 SPM led a team of two (2) to appraise the proposed Project to Support Democratic Development through Decentralisation and Deconcentration (PSDD), Cambodia. A detailed appraisal of the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency, feasibility and sustainability of the project design in the prevailing Cambodian context, taking into consideration the experiences and lessons learned, as well as existing policy, institutional and programme environment. Changes to the proposed project log frame were proposed in order to strengthen pro-poor results management (measuring outcomes) based on rights-based perspectives. Report: Andersen, Birgegård: Appraisal of the Project to Support Democratic Development through Decentralisation and deconcentration (PSDD)

In 2006 SPM lead a team of three (3) to undertake a Data Analysis and Rights Indicators Assessment in Decentralisation (as per a human rights based approach to development), Vietnam. The study assessed the promotion and protection of relevant rights in decentralisation and the extent to which promotion and protection of decentralisation can be attributed to assistance given through Swedish development cooperation. The assignment included gathering and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to verify the extent to which relevant rights are promoted and protected. Report: Andersen, Dao Ngoc Nga, Do Phuong Thao: Data Analysis and Indicator Assessment Decentralisation. Human Rights Indicators focusing on Swedish development assistance to projects in the subject area of decentralisation.