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Manual for project reporting. In 2007 SPM was commissioned to draft a manual for project reporting for international non-governmental organisations actively working in the context of multilateral trade and supported by Sida: Reporting guidelines – a tool for Sida cooperation partners working with trade development.

One important message of the manual is that Sida encourages its cooperating partners to encompass the notions of “results-based management” (RBM), which in a nutshell means that the results of prior activities shall be taken into account when designing future actions in a continuous learning process to produce development results. A necessary condition for RBM is that relevant results are defined, recorded, analysed and put into operational use. Besides the formal aspects of reporting how the Swedish funds were used, the reporting of results is an important signal that the cooperating partner is capable of learning from past performance, positive and negative.

The manual spells out the various analytical steps of an RBM-based reporting format as well as definitions of the main concepts.

The Trade Negotiation Capacity Building Project.
Sida has since 2005 been supporting ECOWAS and its Trade Negotiation Capacity Building, which in the first phase encompassed capacity building in international trade communities in member countries. As per December 2007 all but one member country have benefited from the project. The second phase – to be initiated in 2008 – will also address the capacity of ECOWAS trade department to finalise the Common External Tariff and the Trade Policy. It will also continue building capacity in member countries by formally establishing inter institutional committees for multilateral trade.

SPM has been charged by Sida with an assessment of the results from the first phase as well as supporting the Project Document from the second phase and Sida’s support during 2008 – 2010.