Result-Based Management

May 15, 2013 12:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Service Areas Result-Based Management

Since the early 1990s development partners have moved towards a focus on results and programme based aid delivery. The experience has been that project aid, in many instances, has proved uncoordinated and led to overlapping, omissions and ineffectiveness. Since the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005) the international development community is by and large unanimous in advocating programme based approaches (PBA) and results-based management (RBM) to improve good governance and service delivery in developing countries.

Over the past decade SPM has worked extensively with PBA and RBM in a number of capacities. The firm has undertaken studies of programme support in the social sectors (education and health) and the rural and agricultural sectors (natural resources and land administration) in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Our work has included in-depth strengthening of evidence-based planning processes in government administrations (line ministries) as a basis for good governance. It has also included significant methods development components on RBM and PBA, particularly for Sida, but also for various joint donor groups and government agencies.

Contact person: Martin Schmidt