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Globalisation and international trade is increasingly being regarded as a precondition for growth and development, and when the trade benefits are well publicly managed they also contribute to poverty alleviation in developing countries. The outcome of multilateral trade negotiations is therefore often decisive for the development and reform agenda in developing countries. It has over and over been demonstrated that trade policy development and trade negotiation capacity are cornerstones for positive outcomes from international trade.

SPM has since many years been commissioned with trade related aid assignments, both at policy level (e.g. background study for Sida’s policy on trade and environment) and at project and programme level (facilitation and assessment of cooperation arrangements with international organisations promoting international trade and supporting capacity building for trade). SPM is manly focusing on assignments related to trade policy issues and training and capacity development. During the last couple of years SPM has facilitated Sida’s support to an international centre for capacity development situated in Arusha in Tanzania (the Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa, TPTCA) and monitored and assessed support to ECOWAS capacity building in trade negotiation, TNCB).

Contact person: Lars Rylander